JTA Enterprises LLC

Excellent software and services for perceived needs!

About JTA Enterprises LLC

Our mission is to provide quality software products for the craft and software/IT industry to enable people to accomplish more with their lives by spending less time managing them, in addition to providing other quality services where needs are perceived.

With a combined 60+ years of solid business experience across a wide range of industries, we feel we are well-positioned to meet our, and our customer’s, goals.

JTA Enterprises LLC

We are a small, family-owned/operated, fully-insured, business located in Bowie, Maryland. JTA was founded in 2003 for the sole purpose of pooling our collective creative talents in various business ventures.

We initially started in the landscaping/hardscaping industry, however, when the market changed, we changed as well.

From there we branched into the crafts industry via Quilt Full of Prayers, and from there StashWiz, and PEESR.


Arleen is 12+ year veteran of the corporate world. Although she began as a public school educator, took some time off to raise a family, then returned as an educator, she quickly transitioned to the corporate world, finally ending up in the executive offices of Amtrak. From there, she, and her husband, Townsend (Kirt), began a venture in the lawn care industry (which has been running since 1998).

Feeling the need “to do more,” she took her skills as a quilter, knitter, general seamstress, and educator, and began teaching fiber arts classes for the Prince George’s County Community College. From that experience was born both the Quilt Full of Prayers venture and StashWiz.

To date she supports these businesses as the “lady behind the curtain,” along with her two shelties.

Townsend “Kirt” Kirtland

Kirt’s career began in the military. At the end of that illustrious path he was a liason at the Pentagon. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management with a major in transportation from The University of Maryland. After his military career, he decided to branch into lawn care operates that business to date.

He provides 30+ years of business acumen to JTA.


Jon has many years of IT experience, in addition to a very broad range of general experience. He’s worked in several industries - pet, alarm installation, and retail to name a few, from which he’s garnered a large degree of customer service skills and business acumen. His IT experience comes from 7+ years of consulting experience, several years of programming experience from desktop to web projects (and a great deal of languages therein), and, of course, just keeping tabs on the industry as a whole. He’s done projects for a health club (wrote the entire membership system), a designer/importer of seasonal goods, and Lockheed Martin’s EIS group (just to name a few).

Although more savvy in the PC world, he’s recently added Cocoa for Macintosh to his language list. His opinion on the Mac vs. PC thing is that both are really great computer operating systems and which you use depends upon how money you want to spend and the environment in which you need to use it. He’s likes both systems.

Thanks to some input from both Arleen and an IT contact, he has helped to start this software company, which has been a career goal.